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Album #117 - Books, Autographs and Manuscripts Miscellaneous Hangings and Household Furnishings Miscellaneous Personal Items
Item # Classification Item Description Origin Date Coverage Page # SBlot # Note Article #
1Books, Autographs, AlbumsBooks, Autographs and Household Furnishings1-34See Album Sheets for Sales
2Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsPair of Mahogany Knife Boxes, English Early XIX Century19th centuryTransferred to Furniture Album
3Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsGros and Petit Square Cover, French XVII Century17th century361113Sold8
4Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsRed and Ivory Cut Velvet Haging, Modern3778Sold11
5Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsFelt Lining for A Hanging3778Sold11A
6Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsFillet and Crocheted Blue and White Table Cloth38444Sold7
7Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsColored Fillet Scarf, Southern European 38444Sold8
8Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsPatch Work Felt Bed Cover3978Sold3
9Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsThree Mulberry Taffeta Cushions3981Sold9A-B-C
10Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsFour Pieces of Yellow Figured Brocattele Drapes3981Sold14
11Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsRed Velvet and Applique Fragment of Border, XVII Century17th century40137Sold11
12Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsAppliqued Silver Rufflef Wiast Band40336Sold13
13Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsThree Pieces of Figured Quilted Green Damask, XVIII Century18th century40159Sold100
14Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsWicker Folding Cabinet40455Warehouse207
15Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsA Needlework Panel41455Warehouse620
16Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsTall Bronze Shell Lamp, Modern41455Warehouse624
17Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsPair Shell and Metal Small Lamps, Modern41455Sold627-628
18Miscellaneous Hangings and Household Furninshings17 Strips of Blue Damask Wall Hangings4281Sold106 to 122
19Miscellaneous Hangings and Household Furninshings3 Strips of Red Brocade Wall Hangings4281Sold123 to 125
20Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsSix Red Velvet Portieres4381Sold126 to 131
21Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsTwo Red Damask Curtains4381Sold132-133
22Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsTwo Red Damask Ruffled Curtains4381Sold134-135
23Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsFour Red Velvet Tie Backs4481Sold138
24Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsRed Pull Cord for Curtain4481Sold139
25Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsSix Strips Red Brocade Wall Hangings4481Sold140 to 145
26Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsFive Strips Red Damask Wall Hangings4581Sold146 to 150
27Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsSeven Strips Red Borcade Wall Hangings4581Sold151 to 157
28Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsTwo Strips Red Velvet Wall Hangings4581Sold158-159
29Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsBundle of Red Gimp for Wall Hangings4681Sold177
30Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsBundle of Blue Gimp4681Sold178
31Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsTwo Rolls of Tapestry Braid46137Sold10
32Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsPair of Carved and Gilt Wood Valances46455Warehouse926-927
33Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsSeven Pieces Antique Brocatelle471113Sold10
34Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsModern Art Glass Shade (Tiffany FAVRILLE)47Memo OSold65
35Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsFour Strips Blue Velvet Wall Hangings4881Sold160 to 163
36Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsNine Strips Red Velvet Hangings4881Sold164 to 172
37Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsOne Red Damask Wall Hanging4881Sold173
38Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsPair of Gothic Style Andirons4981Sold59
39Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsWrought Iron Electric Coal Hearth4981Sold60
40Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsMetal Table Lamp50455Warehouse629
41Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsPorcelain Lamp with Silk Shade, Modern50455Warehouse630
42Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsBrass Lamp50455Warehouse648
43Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsMahogany Serving Tray51455Warehouse746
44Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsTwo Lacquered Wood Hangings Flower Pots, Japanese51455Sold768
45Miscellaneous Hangings and Household FurninshingsPair of Carved Book Holders51455Sold773
46Miscellaneous Personal ItemsArt Objects52-56Sold Items are marked on sheets only
47Miscellaneous Personal ItemsBuildings and Parts57-58Sold Items are marked on sheets only
48Miscellaneous Personal ItemsExibition Cases59-60Sold Items are marked on sheets only
49Miscellaneous Personal ItemsFurniture61-62Sold Items are marked on sheets only
50Miscellaneous Personal ItemsHousehold Furnishings63-66Sold Items are marked on sheets only
51Miscellaneous Personal ItemsJewel Cases67Sold Items are marked on sheets only
52Miscellaneous Personal ItemsMusical Instruments68-69Sold Items are marked on sheets only
53Miscellaneous Personal ItemsPhotograph Equipment70-71Sold Items are marked on sheets only
54Miscellaneous Personal ItemsPictures72-75Sold Items are marked on sheets only
55Miscellaneous Personal ItemsWearing Apparel76Sold Items are marked on sheets only
56Miscellaneous Personal ItemsMiscellaneous Articles77-85Sold Items are marked on sheets only
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