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Album #101 - French Stained Glass
Item # Classification Item Description Origin Date Coverage Page # SBlot # Note Article #
1Stained GlassA stained glass rose-window, XII Century12th century19944
2Stained GlassA stained glass rose-window, XII Century12th century29945
3Stained Glass"The Crucifixion", Late XII Century12th century399Sold21
4Stained GlassRepresenting "King David", From Normandy, About 1240Germany124013th century445916
5Stained GlassNo.1 of 3 Stained glasses, "Two Saints", XIII Century13th century5141Sold10
6Stained GlassNo.2 of 3 Stained glasses, "A Saint and Devil", XIII Century13th century6141Sold11
7Stained GlassNo.3 of 3 Stained glasses, "Christ and Cross", XIII Century13th century7141Sold12
8Stained Glass"A King under an arcature", About 1250125013th century845911
9Stained GlassA large stained glass, XIII Century13th century999Sold33
10Stained GlassA large stained glass, XIII Century13th century1099Sold24
11Stained Glass"The Martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul", XIII Century1199Sold25
12Stained Glass"Episodes in Life of St. John Crysostomos" Early XIII Century13th century12106Sold52
13Stained GlassA set of twelve circular stained glasses, Late XIII Century13th century13-16106Sold12
14Stained GlassA stained glass window in three parts, XIII Century13th century1799Sold28
15Stained GlassA stained glass window, XIII Century13th century1811028
16Stained Glass"Judas Hanging", XIII Century13th century1999Sold40
17Stained Glass"The Assumption of The Virgin", XIII Century13th century2099Sold41
18Stained Glass"Christ and The Doctors at The Temple", XIII Century13th century2199Sold42
19Stained Glass"The Annunciation", XIII Century13th century2299Sold43
20Stained GlassA round stained glass, XIII-XIV Century13-14th century23421
21Stained GlassA stained glass window of ogival shape, Around 1300130014th century24991-17
22Stained GlassA stained glass fragment, XIV Century14th century2599Sold51
23Stained GlassA stained glass fragment, XIV Century14th century2699Sold50
24Stained GlassA stained glass window, XIV Century14th century2799Sold26
25Stained GlassTwo fragments of stained glass windows, XIV Century14th century2899Sold52-53
26Stained GlassA pair of stained glass panels, XV Century15th century29-301783
27Stained Glass"God Almighty Surrounded by Angels", XV Century15th century314594
28Stained GlassA large rectangular stained glass, XV Century15th century3214113
29Stained GlassA narrow, Rectangular stained glass panel, XV Century15th century3314114
30Stained GlassA stained glass portraying an Heraldic angel, XV Century15th century349927
31Stained Glass"Adoration of The Magi", XV Century15th century35405Sold4
32Stained Glass"Personage Kneeling Under Architecture", XV Century15th century3645918
33Stained GlassA stained glass window in three parts, 1st half XV Century15th century37106Sold17
34Stained Glass"The Nativity", XV Century15th century38405Sold3
35Stained Glass"St. Similien", XV Century15th century39303Sold2
36Stained GlassA set of three stained glass panel windows, XV Century15th century40-419918-19
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